QUANZHOU AMAZE IMP & EXP TRADING CO. LTD. Is a sportswear company focusing at high end sport garment and sport shoes and bags designs,  Development and production. We work closely with European designs to develop avant-garde styles with advanced technology; We produce garment productsIn adidas approved factory who has abundant experience with working with big brand such as Puma, Reebok, Asics, Yonex, Timberland and Nautica.We produce shoes in Anta shoes factory that produces number one China market sport shoes brand Anta as well as sport fashion brand Fila and basketballLicense brand NBA. Factory has independent lab with more than forty different types of testing machine. Each piece of shoes is strictly tested before and afterProduction to guarantee birth of a pair of functional and enduring sport shoes.

QUANZHOU AMAZE IMP & EXP TRADING CO. LTD. Owns a 600 square feet office with 16 devoted employees to provide professional and considerate serviceTo every customer. Here we cherish every customer, take care of every product we produce and are proud of the value we bring to customer brand.

Our vision is to grow together with sportswear company which strives to lead the trend of sport and change the game. Our aim is to be part of passion which can make dream happen.